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Nordic Apostolic, prophetic watchmen gathering (Fully booked)

April 29th - May 1st
Utrustningssenteret 24/7
Participation fee: 1 200 NOK
Full board 1 300 NOK (accommodation / meals Thursday / Friday)
Only meals 600 NOK (dinner / lunch Friday-Sunday, as well as coffee and fruit during breaks)
(This gathering is fully booked)


Pävi Heikkilä

Päivi HeikkiläPäivi Heikkilä ministers in apostolic-prophetic calling and anointing preparing the Body of Christ for the work of the Gospel according to the command of Lord Jesus Christ, to preach the Gospel, to heal the sick, to cast out demons and to use the talents and gifts believers have from the Lord. She brings revelation of the order of God in the Body of Christ, the fivefold ministry gifts and their meaning for the whole church as well as for the government of Lord Jesus Christ on earth for His Kingdom to come in more power and authority.

Päivi Heikkilä preaches the Word in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In her meetings the power of God causes people to experience deliverance from inner bondages and from the lies of the enemy, making them able to have greater freedom in Christ and inner healing and wholeness.

Päivi Heikkilä also serves in intercessory prayer preparing the things for the Lord. She has been connected during several years with prayer leaders both from Finland and from other nations (4 years in the Leadership Group of European Prayer Link). She teaches especially about the intercessory prayer for cities and nations and about spiritual warfare.

Per Ivar Winnæss

Per Ivar Winnæss

Brølende lam (Roaring Lambs) prophetic ministry is led by pastor and prophet Per Ivar Winnæss.

Per Ivar Winnæss is married to Valentina and have six children. He started his ministry in the late eighties and was a prophet in the market place before he started the School of Prophetic ministry

Brølende lam is divided into following areas:

BL Media as, produces prophetic teaching and intercession TV programs, develops WEB resources, runs a publishing firm and produces prophetic music on CD/DVD

Profetisk TV (Prophetic TV) is our brand for production of TV programs.

Utrustningssenteret 24/7 (Spiritual ministries centre 24/7), is an interdenominational resource centre. We run a School of Prophetic ministry, gives conferences, seminars and different kinds of courses at the School of Prophetic ministry, in other parts of Norway and in other countries. Our focus is the spiritual gifts, especially the prophetic ministry and the New Testament prophetic gifts. We encourage also creative gifts like art, dance and music for awakening and reformation in our nation.

Menigheten 24/7 (The Church 24/7), is a gathering centre for awakening and reformation. Through our local church we prepare and equip the saints for growth, being built on Jesus Christ’ teachings and the fivefold ministries in function.


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